English Handwriting OCR
Text Detection (Textboxes++) and Text Recognition (CRNN) for English Handwriting Characters
[Github repo]

web essay rater

Essay Rater Web
High Performance, Easy-to-use, and Scalable Automated Essay Enhancement System with a Robust Web Service
[Github repo]

essay annotator

A Crowdsourcing NLP Annotation Platform with Purview Control and Multiple Quality Control Mechanisms powered by Tornado and MongoDB
[Github repo] [Link]

speech rater

Speech Rater
Speech Recognition Demo with a Web Audio Recorder built by Tornado and Javascript
[Github repo]

essay rater

Essay Rater
High Performance, Easy-to-use, and Scalable Automated Essay Scoring System with an Elegant GUI
[Github repo]

minic editor

MiniC Editor
Lightweight and Elegant Editor for MiniC created by Qt
[Github repo]


MiniC Compiler
LEX & YACC for MiniC
[Github repo]


AI Course Projects
SEU CS Artificial Intelligence Projects, including: 24 puzzle, genetic algorithm for functional maxmun problem, million queens and neural networks for face recognition
[Github repo]

entity linker

Entity Linker
Implementations of several Entity Linking algorithms: TabEL, LIEGE and Taiyun
[Github repo]


A Minecraft-like Game based on OpenGL
[Github repo]


Weibo Crawler
Crawlers for Sina Weibo
[Github repo]

virtual campus

Virtual Campus
A Campus Information System built by JAVA
[Github repo]